Moses Returns To Egypt

Moses went and returned to his father-in-law and said to him:
"Let me go, I beg you, and let me return to my kinsmen who are in Egypt, and see whether they are still alive."
"Go in peace," said he to Moses.And God said to Moses in Median:
"Go return to Egypt, for all the men are dead who sought your life."
So Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt, taking the rod of God in his hand.And the Lord said to Moses: "When you return there, see that you do before pharaoh all the wonders which I have put in your hand.But I will harden his heart so that he shall not let the people go."
And the Lord said to Aaron:
"Go into the wilderness to meet Moses."
Aaron went and met Moses at the mountain of God, and kissed him.And Moses told Aaron all that the Lord had said to him, and all the signs that he had told him to do.
Moses and Aaron went and gathered together all the elders of the children of Israel, and Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken to Moses, and did all the signs for the people to see.
  The people believed.And when they heard that he Lord had visited the children of Israel, and that he had seen their suffering, they bowed their heads and worshiped.

God Speak To Moses

The Moses returned to the Lord and said:"Lord, why have you treated these people so badly? Why have you sent me? For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has done nothing to save them."
  The God said Moses:
  "Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh. For with a strong hand he shall let the people go. With a strong hand he will drive them out of his land."
  "For I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob by the name of God Almighty. I made a promise to them, to give them the land of Canaan."
  "Say to the children of Israel, 'I am the Lord, and I will free you from the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will take you out of slavery. I will make you my people, and I will be to you a God. I will bring you to the land I promised to give to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. And I will give it to you and your descendants.'"
   Moses told the children of Israel all that the Lord had said. But they did not listen to Moses in their suffering and their misery. And God said to Moses:
   " You shall say all that I have to tell you. And Aaron your brother shall speak to Pharaoh, telling him to send the children of Israel out of his land. But I will harden Pharaoh's heart and perform many signs and miracles in the land of Egypt. Still Pharaoh will not listen to you, so I will lay my hand on Egypt and bring forth my armies and my people out of Egypt by my great judgments."
  "The Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I stretch forth my hand upon Egypt and bring the children of Israel out from among them."

Pharaoh And The Israelite's

Moses and Aaron went before Pharaoh and spoke to him, saying: "These are the words of the God of Israel: 'Let my people go, so that they may hold a feast to me in the wilderness.'"
But Pharaoh said:
"Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, nor will I let Israel go. Why do you, Moses and Aaron, interfere with the work of the people? Get back to your tasks. The people of the land are many now, and you make them rest from their labors."
 The same day pharaoh gave orders to the taskmasters of the people and their officers, saying:
 "you shall no longer give the people straw to make bricks, as you have done in the past. Let them go and gather straw for themselves. But the number of bricks which they made before, you are still to demand of them. You shall require as much from them as before, for they are idle. That is why they cry out saying, 'Let us go and sacrifice to our God.' Let the men be given more work, so that they may have no time to listen to empty talk."
  The taskmasters and officers went out and spoke to the people, saying:
"Pharaoh says, 'I will not give you straw. Go out and get straw where you can find it, for you shall make no fewer bricks than before.'"
  So the people were scattered throughout all the land of Egypt. And their taskmasters kept after them, saying, "Fulfill your works and your daily tasks, as when there was straw." And the officers of the children of Israel, whom Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, were beaten and asked, "Why have you not fulfilled your task of making bricks both yesterday and today, as many as you have made before?"
 So the officers of the children of Israel came and cried out to Pharaoh, saying:
 "Why do you deal with your servants in this way? No straw is given to us, and we are told, 'Make bricks.'
We are beaten, but the fault is with your own people."
 "You are idle," Pharaoh answered.
"That is why you say, 'Let us go and sacrifice to the Lord.'"
"So go now and work. There shall be no straw given to you. And still you shall have to make us many bricks as before."
 The officers of the children of Israel, seeing that the numbers of bricks to be made was to be no less, went forth from Pharaoh. On their way, they met Moses and Aaron, and they said to them:
"May the Lord look upon you and judge you, because you have made us hateful in the eyes of Pharaoh and in the eyes of is servants, so that they want to kill us."

God Calls Moses

At this time Moses was keeping the flock of this father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the desert and came to the mountain of God, to Horeb, There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the middle of a bush. Moses looked and saw that the bush burned with fire, but it was not destroyed.
And he said:
"I will stop here and see this great sight, and discover why the bush is not burnt."
When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, he called out of the middle of the bush and said:
"Moses, Moses"
"Here am I," answered Moses.
"Do not come near." God said.
"Take your shoes off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground."
And God said further:
"I am the God of your father, the God Abraham, the God Isaac, and the God Jacob."
Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God.
And God said:
"I have seen the misery of my people who are in Egypt and I have heard their cries because of their taskmasters. i realize their sorrows. So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them out of that land into a land good and large, into a land flowing with milk and honey."
"Come now therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may lead forth my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt."
But Moses said to the Lord:
"Who am I, that I should go to pharaoh, and that I should lead forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?"
And God said:
"Certainly I will be with you, and this shall be a token that I have sent you:
When you have brought forth the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God upon this mountain."
Then Moses said to the Lord:
"When I come to the children of Israel and say to them, 'The God of your father has sent me to you' and they say to me, 'What is his name?' what shall I say to them?"
And God said:
"This you shall say to the children of Israel: 'The Lord God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob has sent me to you."
"'Yahew is my name for ever, and by this I will be remembered to all generations.'"
"God and gather the elder of Israel together, and tell them all that I have said to you. They shall listen to your voice, and you and the elder of Israel shall go to the king of the Egypt and say to him, 'The Lord God of the Hebrews has met with us, and we beg you to let us go three days' journey into the wilderness, so that we may worship the Lord our God.'
 "And I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, but I will stretch out my hand and strike Egypt with all my wonders. And after that he will let you go."

Moses In Midian

One day, when Moses was grown up, he went out among his kinsmen and watched them labour. And he saw an Egyptian striking a Hebrew, one of his kinsmen. He looked this way and that way. When he saw that there was no one near, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.
When he went out the next day, he saw two Hebrew men fighting each other. He said to the one who was in the wrong:
"Why are you srtiking your own comrade?"
The man replied:
"Who made you a prince and judge over us? Do you intend to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?"
And Moses was afraid and said to himself, "What I have done must be known."
When Pharaoh heard of this, he tried to kill Moses, but Moses escaped from Pharaoh and went to live in the land of Midian.
There one day he sat down beside a well. Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters, and they came and drew water from the well, and filled the throughs to water their father's flock. Shepherds came and tried to drive them away, but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.
When they came home to their father, he said:
"How is it that you have come back so early tody?"
And they answered:
"An Egyptian protected us from the shepherds, and also drew enough water for us, and watered the flock."
"Where is he?" their father asked.
"Why have you left the man behind? call him to eat with us."
Moses was happy to live with this man, and the man gave Moses his daughter Zipporah to be his wife.
Zipporah bore Moses a son, and he called him Gershom, which means "a srtanger there," for he said, "I have been a stranger in a strange land."
And in due course it came to pass that the king of Egypt died. But the children of Israel were still oppressed and in slavery. In their suffering they cried out, and their cry carried up to God. He heard their groaning and remembered his promise to Abraham to Isaac, and to Jacob.
And the Lord looked down upon the children of Israel and had pity on them.

Moses In The Bulrushes

Now there was a man of the family of Levi whose wife bore him a son. And when she saw that he was a goodly child, she hid him for three months. Then, when she could no longer hide him, she took a basket made of bulrushes, daubed it with pitch and put the child into it. She took it and laid it in the reeds by the river's edge. And the baby's sister stood far away to watch what was done to him.
The daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself at the river, and her maids walked along by the river's side. When she saw the basket among the reeds, she sent her maids to fetch it.
When she opened the basket, she saw the child, and he was crying. So she took pity on him and said, "This is one of the Hebrews' children."
The baby's sister came forward and said to Pharaoh's daughter:
"Shall I go and find a nurse from the Hebrew woman to look after the child for you.?"
"Go," said Pharaoh's daughter, and the girl went and called the child's mother. And Pharaoh's daughter said to the woman: "Take this child away and nurse it for me, and I will give you your wages."
So the mother took her child and nursed it.       

The Birth Of Moses

The children of Israel were fruitful. They increased greatly in number and prosered , and the land of Egypt became filled with them.But there arose a new king over Egypt who did not know Joseph and the great work he had done. This new Pharaoh said to his people : 
"The children of Israel are more and mightier than we are . Let us deal wisely with them. For, if they continue growing in numbers , they may join our enemies and fight against us in time of war and go away from our land."
Therefore the Egyptians set taskmasters over the children of Israel and forced them to work for them. They built for Pharaoh the treasure cities of Pithom and Rameses. But the more the Egyptians oppressed them , the more the Israelites grew in strength and increased in number.
So the king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, saying :
"When a Hebrew woman gives birth and you see that it is a son , then you shall kill him. But if it is a daughter , she shall live."
But the midwives feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them. Instead , they let the men children live. So the king called the midwives and said to them :
"Why have you done this thing?
Why have you let the men children live?"
"Because", answered the midwives , "the Hebrew women give birth without our knowing of it before we come to them."
God was pleased with the midwives and dealt well with them. And the people continued to increase and grow stronger. So Pharaoh commanded his people , saying :
"Every Israelite son that is born you shall cast into the river , and every daughter you shall let live."

The Visit Of The Wise Men

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the king, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, asking: "Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him."
  When Herod the king heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he asked them where Christ should be born. "In Bethlehem of Judea," they said: "For thus it is written by the prophet:
'And you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
are not the least among the prince of Judah.
For out of you shall come a Governor, that
shall rule my people Israel.'"
  Then Herod sent secretly for the wise men, and asked them that time the star had appeared. And he sent them to Bethlehem, saying, "Go and search carefully for the young child, and when you have found him, bring me word, that I may come and worship him also."
  When they had heard the king, they departed. And, lo, the star which they saw in the east went before them till it came and stood over the place where the young child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with great joy. And when they came into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worship him, and presented to him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And being warned by God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed and returned to their own country by another way.

The Birth OF Jesus

It came to pass in those day that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, the emperor in Rome, that all the world should be taxed. This taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.
Everyone went to be taxed, each to his own city. And Joseph went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David, to be axed with Mary his wife who was soon to have a child.
So it came to pass that while they were there the day arrived for her child to be born. She brought forth her firstborn son , and wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
There were in the same country shepherds staying in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were much afraid.
 "Fear not," the angel said to them.
"For I bring you good tidings of a great joy that is coming to all people.  For to you is born this day in the city of David a Savoir who is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign to you: You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger."
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:

"Glory to God in the highest
and on earth peace, good
will toward men."

An Angel Visits Mary

The angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth , to a maiden betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the family of David. The name of the maiden was Mary.
The angel appeared to her and said :
“Hail, you who are highly favoured ! The Lord is with you; blessed are you among women. ”
And when she saw him, she was troubled at what he had said and wondered to herself what this greeting could mean. Then the angel continued :
“Fear not, Mary, for you have found favour with God. You shall bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the son of the Highest, and the Lord God shall give him the throne of his forefather David. He shall rule over the house of Jacob for ever, and of his kingdom there shall be no end.”
“How shall this be. ” Mary said to the angel, “seeing that I have no husband?”
 The angel answered and said to her :
“The Holy Spirit shall come upon you and the power of the Most High shall overshadow you. The child that is born of you shall be holy and shall be called the son of God.”
“Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord. ” Mary said.
“Let it be to me as you have said.”
So Mary arose and went into the hill country with haste, to a town of Judah where she went to the house of Zacharias and his wife, her cousin Elisabeth. And when Elisabeth heard her greeting she was filled with the Holy Spirit and she cried out with a loud voice :
“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you shall bear. But why is it that the mother of my Lord should come to me.”

An Mary said :
“My soul does praise the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced
In God my Saviour.
For he has regarded the lowliness
of his handmaiden : for, behold,
from henceforth all generations
shall call me blessed :
For he that is mighty has done
great things for me,
and holy is his name.
His mercy is on those who fear him
from generation to generation.
He has showed strength with his arm;
he has scattered  the proud
in the imagination of their hearts.
He has put down the mighty
from their thrones and
has exalted them of low degree.
He has filled the hungry
with good things,
and the rich he has sent
empty away.
He has helped his servant Israel,
in remembrance of his mercy;
As he spoke to our fathers,
to Abraham, and to his seed for ever.”

Mary remained with Elisabeth for
about three months and then returned
to her own house. 

They Are Driven From The Garden

The Lord God said to the serpent :
"Because you have done this , you are cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field . You shall crawl on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life . I shall make the woman your enemy and her children the enemies of your children . They shall wound you in the head and you shall wound them in the heel."
To the woman he said :
"I will multiply your suffering . you shall bring forth your children in sorrow and for happiness you shall depend on your husband , and he shall rule over you ."
To the man he said :
"Because you listened to the voice of your wife and ate of the forbidden fruit , the ground shall be cursed beneath you . In sorrow you shall eat of it every day of your life . Thorns and thistles it will bring forth for you , and you shall eat the grass of the field . By the sweat of your brow you will earn your bread until you return to the earth , for out of the earth you were taken : dust you are and to dust you shall return ."
The Lord God then made coats of skin for the man and his wife , and clothed them .
And the Lord God said :
"Behold , the man is like one of us now . knowing all things . If he were to put out his hand and eat also of the tree of life , he would live for ever ."
Therefore the Lord God sent man out of the garden of the Eden , to till the ground from which he was made . He drove him out , and placed cherubim to the east of the garden of Eden , and a flaming sword which turned in every direction to guard the path to the tree of life.

Ay Mubarik "Maryam"

     دُعا اے مبارک مریم

                                                  اے مبارک مریم ! میری ماں بن۔ اے میرے مہربان
                                                 اور نیک فرشتے ساری راہوں میں میری حفاضت کر۔
                                                 اے خدا کے سب فرشتو اور مقدسو ! ہمارے واسطے
                                               دعا مانگو کہ ہمارا خداوند ہمیں برکت دے اور سب بدی
                                          سے بچاےُ اور ہمیشہ کی زندگی میں ہم کو لاےُ. اور مرحوم
                                          ایمان داروں رُوحیں خدا کی رحمت سے آرام میں رہیں۔ آمین 

Roti Khany Ky Bad Ki Dua

                                                  روٹی کھانے کے بعد کی دُعا

                                         اے خدا قادرِمطلق ! تیری نعمتوں کے لیے ہم تیرا شکر کرتے
                                                     ہیں۔ تُو جو ہمیشہ جیتا اور سلطنت کرتا ہے۔ آمین 

Roti Khany Sy Phly Ki Dua

                                           روٹی کھانے سے پیشتر کی دُعا

                             اے خُدا ! ہمیں اور اِس روٹی کو جو ہم تیری مہربانی سے اِس وقت
                         کھانے کو ہیں برکت دے۔ یسوع مسیح ہمارے خداوند کے وسیلے سے۔

Sham Ki Dua

                                                          شام کی دُعا

                                                   باپ اور بیٹے اور روح القدس کے نام میں۔ آمین
                                  اے میرے خُدا ! میں ایمان رکھتا / رکھتی ہوں تُو یہاں حاضر و ناضر
                                  ہے۔ میں تجھے سجدا اور اپنے سارے دل سے پیار کرتا / کرتی ہوں۔
                             میں تیرا شکر کرتا / کرتی ہوں اُن سب نعمتوں کے لیے جو میں نے ہمیشہ
                              اور خاص کر آج تجھ سے پایی ہیں۔ اے میرے خدا ! مجھے روشنی بخش
                              تاکہ میرے آج کے گناہ مجھے معلوم ہو جایں اور مجھے فضل بخش تاکہ
                                                                        میں اُن سے سچی توبہ کروں۔ آمین

                                                      ضمیر کا امتحان 

                                         اب ذرا سوچو کہ تم نے آج خدا کو کس خیال،بات،کام یا فرض
                                                       کی  غفلت سے ناراض کیا ہے۔ پھر یہ دُعا پٹرھیں۔
                                              اے ہمارے باپ۔  سلام اے مریم۔  رسولوں کا عقیدہ وغیرہ۔

                                                  آخر میں یہ دُعا پٹرھیں

                                             اے خداوند ! میں اپنی روح تیرے سپرد کرتا / کرتی ہوں۔
                                  خداوند یسوع مسیح ! میری روح کو قبول کر۔ اے مقدسہ مریم ! میری
                                 ماں بن۔ اے میرے مہربان اور نیک فرشتے ! اِس رات میری خبرداری
                                اے خداکے سب فرشتو اور مقدسو ! میرے واسطے دعا مانگو کہ ہمارا
                                  خداوند ہمیں برکت دے۔ سب بدی سے بچایے، ہمیشہ کی زندگی میں ہم
                                  کو لایے اور مرحوم ایمان داروں کی روحیں خدا کی رحمت سے آرام
                                                                                                   میں رہیں۔
                                    اے خدا ! میں اپنی روح تیرے ہاتھوں میں سونپتا ہوں / سونپتی ہوں۔
                               اے یسوع، مریم، یوسف ! میں اپنا دل اور روح تمہاری نزر کرتا / کرتی
                                       اے یسوع، مریم، یوسف ! میری جاں کنی میں مجھ کو مدد دیجیے۔
                                  اے یسوع، مریم، یوسف ! میں تمہاری رفاقت میں سلامتی سے مروں۔

The Serpent In The Garden

The most cunning of the beasts which the Lord had made was the serpent and the serpent said to the woman: "Did God forbid you to eat the fruit of the trees of the garden?"
    The woman said: "We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden, except the tree which is in the middle of the garden.
     "Of this God said, 'You shall not eat of it nor touch it, lest you die.'"
     "You will not die," said the serpent. "God knows that the day you eat of the fruit your eyes shall be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil."
     The woman looked at the tree and saw that it was pleasant to the eye and good for food. She felt it was to be desired because it would make one wise.
     So she picked some of the fruit and ate it, and she gave some also to her husband who was with her, and he ate it.
     Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.
     In the cool of the day the Lord walked in the garden. The man and the woman heard the voice of the Lord and hid themselves from his presence, among the trees of the garden.
     The Lord God called to man saying: "Where are you?"
     "I have heard your voice in the garden," said man. "I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself."
     "Who told you that you were naked?" asked the Lord God. "Have you eaten the fruit of the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?"
     Man said: The woman whom you gave me to be with me, gave me fruit of the tree and I did eat."
     The Lord God said to the woman: "What is this you have done?"
     The serpent tempted me," said the woman. "and I ate."  

The Garden Of Eden

od planted a garden in the east, in Eden, and there he put the man whom he had formed. Out of the ground the Lord made trees of every kind to grow, both those that are pleasant to the eye and those that are good for food. In the middle of the garden he planted the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
 A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and beneath the garden the river divided and became four rivers. The first was called Pison; the name of the second was Gihon, the third Hiddekel, and the fourth Euphrates.
  God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to care for it and keep it. And God commanded the man,saying:
  "Of every tree in the garden you may eat freely, except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Of this, do not eat, for in the day that you eat of it, you shall surely die."
   Then the Lord God Said:
   "It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make a companion for him."
    But first God brought every beast of the field and every bird of the air, which he had made out of the earth, to man, to see what he would call them, and what man called each creatures, this became that creature's name. Man gave names to the catlle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field. But for himsef, man did not find a companion.
    So God put man into a deep sleep and as he slept, God took one of his ribs. This rib the Lord God made into woman, and he brought her to man who said:
    "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. Her name shall be Woman, because she is taken out of Man." And the man and the woman were naked but they were not ashamed.  

Daily Prayers In Urdu

                                                                                                                                         روز مرہ کیدُعایں

                                                   صبح کی دُعایں                       

                                            باپ اور بیٹے اور روح القدس  کے نام میں۔  آمین                            
                                              اے میرے  خدا ! میں ایمان رکھتا / ردکھتی ہوں کہ تو یہاں 
                                     حاضر و ناضر ہے۔  میں تجھے سجدا اور اپنے سارے دل سے پیار
                             کرتا / کرتی ہوں۔  تو نے مجھے اپنے روح القدس کے فضل سے پاک کیا۔
                                 تو نے گزری رات مجھے سلامت رکھا اور آج کا دن مجھے بخشا ہے۔
                              اور ان سب باقی نعمتوں کےلیے جو تو نے مجھے بخشی ہیں میں فروتنی
                               سے تیرا شکر کرتا / کرتی ہوں۔مجھے اپنا فضل بخش تا کہ میں تجھے
                             ناراض نہ کروں بلکہ سب طرح سے آج تیری پاک مرضی بجالاوں۔ آمین


                                                     خداوند کی دُعا

                                                    اے ہمارے باپ ! تو جو آسمان پر ہے۔
                                      تیرا نام پاک مانا جاے۔ تیری مرضی جیسی آسمان پر پوری ہوتی
                                    ہے ویسے زمین پر بھی ہو۔ ہمارے روزانہ کی روٹی آج ہمیں دے۔
                                 اور جس طرح ہم اپنے قرض داروں کو بخشتے ہیں تو ہمارے قرض
                       ہمیں بخش۔اور ہمیں آزمایش میں نہ پٹرنے دے، بلکہ ہمیں برایی سے بچا۔آمین

                                                   فرشتے کا سلام 

                                                         سلام اے مریم، پر فضل! خداوند تیرے ساتھ ہے۔
                                                تو عوتوں میں مبارک ہے اور مبارک ہے تیرے پیٹ کا
                                           پھل یسوع۔ اے مقدسہ مریم خدا کی ماں ! ہم گناہ گاروں کے
                                                   واسطے دعا کر۔اب اور ہماری موت کے وقت۔ آمین 

                                                     خُدا کی تمجید

                                               جلال باپ اور بیٹے اور روح القدس کا ہو۔ جیسا کہ ابتدا
                                                     میں تھا اب ہے اور ہمیشہ ہو گا۔ آمین

                                                    رسولوں کا عقیدہ

                                       میں ایمان رکھتا / رکھتی ہوں خدا قادرِ مطلق باپ پر جو آسمان
                                      اور زمین کا خالق ہے اور یسوع مسیح پر جو اس کا اکلوتا بیٹا
                                   اور ہمارا خداوند ہے۔ وہ روح القدس کی قدرت سے پیٹ میں پٹرا۔
                                  کنواری مریم سے پیدا ہوا۔ اس نے پنطوس پیلاطوس کے عہد میں
                                       دکھ اٹھایا۔ مصلوب ہوا، مر گیا اور دفن کیا گیا۔ برزخ میں اترا۔
                             تیسرے روز مردوں میں سے جی اٹھا۔ آسمان پر چٹر گیا اور خدا قادرِ
                              مطلق باپ کے دہنے ہاتھ بیٹھا ہے۔ وہاں سے وہ زندوں اور مردوں کی
                             عدالت کے لیے آنے والا ہے۔ میں ایمان رکھتا / رکھتی ہوں روح القدس

                                ،پر،  پاک کا تھولک کلیسیا، مقدسوں کی شراکت، گناہوں کی معافی
                                                     جسم کے جی اٹھنے اور ہمیشہ کی زندگی پر۔ آمین

                                                   خدا کے دَس احکام  

                                                          ١۔ میرے حضور توُ غیر معبودوں کو نہ ماننا۔
                                                 ٢۔ توُ اپنے لیے کویی تراشی ہویی مورت نہ کسی چیز
                                             کی صورت بنانا، جو اُوپر آسمان پر یا زمین پر یا زمین
                                          کے نیچے پانی میں ہے۔ تو اُ نکے آگے سجدا نہ کرنا اور
                                                                             نہ ہی اُنکی عبادت کرنا۔
                                                           ٣۔  توُ خداوند اپنے خُدا کا نام بے فایدہ نہ لینا۔
                                        ٤۔  یاد کر کے تُو سبت کا دن پاک ماننا اور اس میں بدنی محنت
                                                                                         کا کام نہ کرنا۔
                                                                 ٥۔  توُ اپنے باپ اور ماں کی عزت کرنا۔
                                                                                       ٦۔  توُ خون نہ کرنا۔
                                                                                         ٩۔   توُ زنا نہ کرنا۔
                                                                                    ٨.   توُ چوری نہ کرنا۔
                                                                                  ٩.  جھوٹی گواہی نہ دینا۔
                                                          ١٠. اپنے پٹروسی کی کسی چیز کا لالچ نہ کرنا۔

                                                       سات ساکرامنٹ

                                      ، بپتسمہ ، اِستحکام ، پاک یوخرست ، اعتراف ، بیماروں کا ساکرامنٹ
                                                                   پاک خدمت ،  نکاح ۔

The Creation

The First Day 
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was without form and empty.Darkness was everywhere and in the darkness the spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep.
God Said: "Let there be light", and there was light.
God saw that it was good and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day and the darkness he called Night.
And there were evening and morning: the first day.

The Second Day 
God Said: "Let there be a sky in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters." Then God made the sky and he separated the waters above from the waters below.
God called the sky Heaven . And there were evening and morning : the second day.

The Third Day.
God Said: "Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together in one place, and let the dry land appear." And it was so. God called the dry land Earth , and the waters he called Seas. And he Said:
"Let the earth bring forth grass , and yield plants bearing seed , and trees bearing fruit." The earth did so and God saw that it was good.
This was the third day.  

The Fourth Day.
God Said: "Let there be lights in the sky of heaven to divide the day from the night. Let them be for signs and for seasons, for days and for years. Let them be for lights in the sky of heaven to give light upon the earth ."
And it was so.
God made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He also made the stars and set them in the sky of heaven to give light upon the earth, to rule over the day and over the night , and to divide the light from the darkness. God saw that it was good
This was the fourth day.

The Fifth Day.
God Said: "Let the waters bring forth in great numbers moving creatures that have life, and let birds fly above the earth in the open sky of heaven."
So God created great whales , and every living creature that moves. These the waters brought forth in great numbers. He created the birds, and saw that all this was good.
He blessed the creatures and said:
"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the sea. Let the birds also multiply on the earth."
This was the fifth day.

The Sixth Day.
God Said: "Let the earth bring forth creatures of all kinds, cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth." "The earth did so and God saw that this was good.
"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let him have power over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth and over everything that moves on the earth."
So God created man in his own image. In the image of God he created man and woman . Male and female ceated he them.
And he blessed them and said to them:
"Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and have power over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air, over every living thing that moves upon the earth."
"Behold, I have given you every plant bearing seed and every tree yielding fruit which is upon the face of the earth. They shall be your food. To every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, to everything that creeps upon the earth and has life, I have given the grass and the plants for food." And it was so.
God saw everything that he had made, and it was very good.
This was the sixth day.

The Seventh Day.
The heavens and the earth were finished and filled with life. On the seventh day God rested from his work and all that he had made. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on that day he had rested.
This is how the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, and every plants before it was in the earth, and every tree of the field before it grew. And when God had made man, a mist had gone up from the earth, and had watered the whole surface of the ground.
The Lord God had formed man of the dust of the ground, and had breathed into him the breath of life, and man had become a living soul.